Italy – Translating vital information

The Municipality of Ravenna, the Valle d’Aosta Region and Emilia Romagna Region are all putting resources in making relevant information available in several languages to reach out to their communities.

The Municipality of Ravenna created videos with information in Arabic, Wolof, Bambara, Pashto, French and English. The videos were produced by the association Camera a Sud di Lecce and the FARI project cultural mediators. The municipality also translated the guidance on protecting against the virus into 14 languages.

The website of the Valle d’Aosta Region features a guide on the administrative order rules published in Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish. The website also includes translations of the self-declaration form of the Ministry of Interior, currently required to be completed and carried by those who go outside.

The Emilia Romagna Region has published a webpage with links to numerous municipalities, associations and international organisations providing information in different languages.

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