Bordeaux – Support for the most vulnerable

Bordeaux is supporting the most vulnerable in several ways, including telephone support and emergency in-person support at designated locations, including food distribution.

The usual support networks are facing major challenges. Volunteers are often older people, who can no longer volunteer due to safety concerns, while the lockdown restrictions make distribution very complex. In addition, unsold food from supermarkets can no longer be collected and redistributed, as it is impossible to maintain appropriate levels of hygiene when sorting through produce.

The CCAS will be making one-off grants to the main food distribution organisations still operational in Bordeaux. Emergency funds totalling €100,000 will be made available and distributed based on the actual number of people using each service. Bordeaux City Council will also be funding the meals provided by public sector catering service SIVU to highly vulnerable people housed by charities, around 700 meals per day.

In addition:

  • 60 shelter spaces for homeless people have been made available in a youth hostel provided by Bordeaux City Council and managed by the CIAO (a support centre for vulnerable people).
  • Showers will soon be made available for the most destitute in a council building, in collaboration with the Red Cross.
  • Most of the city’s drinking fountains have been made operational. These provide free sources of drinking water across the city.
  • Public toilets are also open. They are being regularly supplied with soap and are accessible to disabled people.

The city council has also launched a fundraiser via the platform “kisskissbankbank” to enable the public to help the most vulnerable members of Bordeaux’s community. Donations will be passed on to organisations providing essential aid: food and hygiene products. This initiative is in addition to the emergency mutual aid funds that have just been released.

Contact: Marie-Elisabeth Sapin

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