Bordeaux – Support to the elderly

Bordeaux is expanding the range of support it offers to the elderly. New measures include:

  • The Senior Citizen Independence Service (0800 62 58 85) remains open every day to support over 1000 isolated people.
  • The meal delivery service for the most vulnerable senior citizens has been expanded (1,800 meals delivered to people’s homes by the council every day, compared to the usual figure of 600).
  • Redeployment of workers from other council departments to retirement homes. For example, 20 volunteers from the sports department have been delivering meals and providing administrative and telephone support. Sébastian, a lifeguard and swimming teacher at the Grand Parc swimming pool, decided to put his skills to good use by offering fun exercise classes to residents of a retirement home in the Bastide neighbourhood: the residents joined in from their balconies.
  • Over 1500 volunteers have now signed up to the council-run platform, which lists offers of support and requests for help from individual members of the public (childcare, shopping, homework etc.), putting the relevant parties in touch with each other. The very small minority of Bordeaux citizens requiring help are being invited to sign up. The city council has launched an advertising campaign to this end, focusing in particular on its social media channels.

Read more (in French) here.

Contact: Marie-Elisabeth Sapin

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