Vienna – Protection for tenants

Evictions are prohibited in the private rental market in Vienna in the corona crisis. Anyone who has difficulty paying the rent between April and June due to the impact of the corona restrictions can repay the arrears until December. Eviction executions are postponed for three months on request of the tenant, to get time to find new housing. In Vienna, already 14,000 citizens sought help at “wohnservice wien”, the city´s competence center for all issues related to housing.

The city of Vienna had decided already end of March that its municipal housing company will stop evictions for its stock of 220,000 flats with half a million inhabitants in case they have problems with rent payment due to Corona measures. The cooperative and for limited-profit housing sector in Vienna with another 180,000 flats followed this example immediately. Mayor Michael Ludwig and City Councillor Kathrin Gaal, responsible for housing, have since then appealed to the national government to protect tenants also in the private rental sector as this is a national competence.

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Karl-Marx-Hof, one the best known examples of Vienna´s municipal housing history

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