Bratislava – Homeless support

Bratislava has prepared a quarantine town with the support of professional, medical and social staff that will serve its population of 4,000 homeless people for the duration of the COVID19 crisis. The quarantine town has an initial capacity of 50 people; the planned maximum capacity will be 230 people. Homeless people in Bratislava will receive necessary care and services if they suspect they have been in contact with infected person or have symptoms of the disease.  This temporary facility is an important complement for ensuring the functioning of services and facilities for homeless people which are already in place in Bratislava.

In addition, the city has its own field team that helps in the streets and also continues to work with non-profit organisations that have long been committed to supporting homeless people. It has expanded its activities on the distribution of sanitary supplies, disinfection and information. For homeless people and social housing, Bratislava has a special envoy, whose unit issued a handbook at the beginning of February 2020 to provide people in need in a clear way with necessary information about shelters, where and in what facilities they can eat, wash or get clean dress.  Read more (in Slovak) here.

Contact: Petra Dzurovcinova

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