Brest – Lending a hand

The city has concentrated efforts to help the most vulnerable and to reach out to people at risk of domestic violence.

  • The older population can have meals delivered at home, and health support is strengthened in seniors’ residences.
  • People at risk can call a dedicated reception services and ask for emergency food, financial support, and to talk to a social worker. Families with low income have also received a financial support to cover the free meals their children would usually get at school.
  • The Brest youth hostel is now welcoming homeless people in need of shelter.
  • Associations working in the field receive extra support from the city, which has also created additional food distribution points.
  • Various phone numbers and websites are promoted for witnesses to domestic violence to call for help or get advice on what to do. Victims are recommended to alert the relevant services when going to a drug store, using a dedicated number to call or text.
  • A dedicated number is also available to people at risk of acting violent to prevent them from doing so.

Read more here, here and here (in French)

Contact: Anne-Marie Cabon

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