Brest – Staying with locals

Brest metropolis and its local partners have created a support system to sustain the local economy. This system relies on several actions:

© Damien Goret / Brest metropolis archive photo
  • Through a crowd funding platform shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurants can present their businesses and consumers can buy vouchers for products or services. The platform’s service fee is covered by the metropolis and businesses can prepare for the future.
  • Local companies can also turn to a dedicated number to ask for help in successfully overcoming the crisis.
  • Breton local authorities have also created the Covid-Resistance fund with 25 million euros to help small companies and associations severely affected by the crisis.
  • An interactive map also helps consumers locate the nearest local food shop. This measure improves proximity circuits between producer and consumer and highlights local products

Read more here, here, here and here (in French)

Contact: Anne-Marie Cabon

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