Antwerp – Digital challenge winners

Antwerp launched a call for start-ups that could develop innovative digital solutions to the problems of the corona crisis. The eight winners received between 20,000 and 55,000 euro, as well as substantive support that was extended to 18 further projects.

The winning ideas were:


Bingli helps to fight overcrowded doctor’s offices and hospitals. The company developed a multilingual, scientifically supported Covid-19 triage module to determine whether a patient should be seen by a physician. The goal is to help doctors identify the people who need more medical attention.

Using a few simple questions, the chatbot determines whether the patient should see a doctor or not. The patient can re-enter this conversation over and over again if he / she feels that the symptoms are changing and wants to be reassessed. Due to the multilingualism of the chatbot, this is very relevant in the Antwerp context and also appeals to vulnerable target groups. This allows the triage to be carried out in a better way.

Contact: Tom Van De Putte


Greygin develops the online game-based learning platform Play it Safe. This ensures the clear and correct explanation of health and safety regulations. This is important in many sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic, but of course primarily in the healthcare sector. Two tailor-made training courses are produced that pass on the regulations to the people in the field in a pleasant but also effective manner. to be done in a better way.

Contact: Brecht Kets

Health Endeavour and NSX

In addition to physical health, psychosocial health is also very important. Social isolation can have a far-reaching impact on this. Health Endeavor, together with technology partner NSX, is developing a so-called social prescription platform that provides patients who contact their doctor with a “social prescription” to support their psychosocial needs. The doctor registers information about the patient on the Health Endeavor platform and receives suggestions for referral to all kinds of existing (often urban) bodies such as the health insurance fund, family care or CAW. They can indicate whether the patient needs someone who does the shopping or prepares meals for them, social contact, etc. Health Endeavor and NSX facilitate a link between welfare and primary care.

Contact: Stijn Coolbrandt (Health Endeavour) en Frans Verstreken (NSX)


Based on their existing platform, Helpper has quickly set up a telephone line for healthcare staff who can relieve them of tasks such as shopping or walking the dog. This line is kept as accessible as possible and is easy to use. The telephone line has already been put into use due to the urgent need for these relief efforts. The city is happy to give this initiative a helping hand.

Contact: François Gerard


Robovision offers AI technology to analyze CT scans of lungs and quickly provide reliable evidence of Covid-19 infection. This allows radiologists to work faster. This is very relevant in the medical battle against Covid-19. Robovision collaborates with reliable parties at international level and also with the UZA as a reference hospital. The AI ​​tool is also useful after corona peak in detecting any mutations of the virus faster.

Contact: Jonathan Kesteloot


Spikes wants to support the healthcare sector in the field of two needs identified by the Healthcare Company in Antwerp. On the one hand, their solution provides accurate management information about the contamination situation of residents and staff in the healthcare institution. On the other hand, it is a tool that can safely re-deploy volunteers in healthcare institutions. This application is extremely relevant, scientifically substantiated and is a good example of innovative collaboration across various disciplines.

Contact: Marc Dries

UZA and FibriCheck

University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) and FibriCheck are developing a digital care program for patients with cardiac arrhythmias. Because of Covid-19, patients postpone non-emergency hospital visits. However, it is very important that their health status can be properly monitored. In addition to the consultations that are currently taking place, FibriCheck adds an app that can monitor patients for cardiac arrhythmias. The app has already been developed, with a focus on a certain type of heart rhythm disorder that can cause strokes. Together with the UZA’s cardiology department, the app will be further developed and completed to fully support the digital care process.

Contact: Lien Desteghe

Artists Unlimited

Artists Unlimited develops an online streaming platform for artists and their fans. In this way they help a badly affected sector of this crisis. Online festivals, concerts and live streams will be programmed via the platform in collaboration with, among others, Antwerp concert halls, festivals and artists. This project can have an impact on a large group of people, brings artists and fans back together and continues to have value beyond this period. Artists Unlimited will receive a contribution from the city to support the further development of this innovative project.

Contact: Ellen Schoenaerts

City of Antwerp main contact: Kris Van Berendoncks

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