Florence – Digital solutions

Florence is using a digital approach to adjusting to the covid landscape.

The city has organised the following initiatives:

  • Web Portal for the promotion of open and home delivery shops – www.lebotteghedifirenze.it – more than 500 shops registered since lockdown
  • Asking for an economic contribution in tickets to buy food for people having businesses affected by the lockdown www.firenzebuonispesa.it – more than 5,000 inquiries in three days, more than €2 million in contributions offered to affected residents
  • Use of 2100 public WiFi hotspots for monitoring presences in outdoor squares and parks during lockdown
  • Use of traffic sensors for monitoring vehicles flow during lockdown
  • Use of GIS data and open data to optimise house-by-house delivery to citizens of protective masks.

Contact: Alessandra Barbieri

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