Grenoble – Economic measures

Grenoble is working to support local economic actors with measures including:

  • the collection of tourist tax and road taxes is suspended
  • exemptions will also be proposed to support cafés and restaurants in particular and all local shops affected by the closure measures
  • In addition, shops located within metropolitan area will be able to benefit from the suspension of their rents and from exemptions if necessary
  • the Métropole will maintain its support for event organisers despite their cancellation when expenses have been incurred
  • corporate cash flow: No penalties for late payment in connection with public contracts.

The Metropole is also in contact with all its partners, particularly the state and the consular chambers, in order to propose a simple and accessible system for companies experiencing difficulties and to provide them with appropriate solutions. Strong measures to stimulate economic activity will also be proposed to the Metropolitan Council when the time comes.

Contact: Gabriel Voisin-Fradin

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