Lublin – Measures for foreign residents

Lublin is supporting foreign residents by making practical information available, looking out for underage non-national students, and centralising services. Measures include:

  • A website in English Ukrainian (largest migrant community) with the latest updates on the situation in Poland and Lubelskie, as well as current regulations or restrictions in force and links to social assistance, education, culture and sports, NGOs working for foreigners, and so on. More information here;
  • A hashtag, #stayathome, linked to an English-language database to offer services given by local businesses to Lublin residents more easily during Covid-19. More information here.
  • And special attention to underage foreign students. More information here.

Lublin is also sharing its experiences related to the functioning of local government during pandemic with partner cities and a wider spectrum of municipalities in Ukraine.

Contact: Roman Jaborkhel

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