Ljubljana – Domestic violence awareness

Ljubljana is is countering a rise in domestic violence, serious injuries and femicide. The city co-finances NGOs dealing with violence, but these organisations, which provide accommodation and counselling programmes, are currently overburdened. Counsellors are using telephone and video links to remain in contact with victims and violent offenders included in the programme. The city is working with these NGOs to offer two new 24-hour hotlines to deal with increased calls at night and over the weekend.

To raise awareness, the city has published instructions on what steps to take in the event of violence, with contact information for NGOs on the city website and a municipal newsletter that is distributed to all households in Ljubljana. The city is also broadcasting messages with the hotline numbers of NGOs on LCD screens in Lekarna Ljubljana outlets and the Ljubljana Community Health Centre. LPP (Ljubljana public transport) will also be invited to show this information once restrictions on public transport are eased. More information (in Slovinian) here.

Contact: Polona Novak

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