Toulouse – Safe metro

In order to secure the movements of people who use the metro for their essential journeys, and in particular for the medical staff, access to the metro will require a validation of a transport ticket. The metro will regain its access control through the validation of subscriptions and tickets, which will be downloaded free of charge in the case of subscriptions or reimbursed after use for other tickets. These tickets will be fully refunded at the end of the lockdown period.

From May 11th, the Tisséo network resumes its activities in its pre-confinement configuration and all the bus transport lines serving the territory will be restored, with sanitary measures such as:

  • Mandatory mask for all travelers
  • Required distance between passengers  will be organized in the vehicles (in particular by condemning one seat out of 2 )
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers will be placed after the control line
  • Protective glass lifted for the driver’s cab in buses
  • Keep on not selling tickets directly  in buses
  • Keep the bus front door closed, without possible ticket validation close to the driver.
  • A mask for all personnel in contact with the public
  • Gloves for staff having to handle tickets
  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles

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Contact: Isabelle Durou

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  1. The metro will restore access control through subscriptions and tickets, which can be downloaded for free or reimbursed after usage. After the lockdown, tickets will be refunded.

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