Bordeaux – Citizen dialogues

Bordeaux is launching two participatory schemes this week: A consultation, which invites residents to put forward ideas for coming out of the crisis and for improvements to local life, and the creation of a Citizens’ Committee, which met for the first time on Tuesday afternoon, 5 May, by video conference with the Mayor of Bordeaux, Nicolas Florian.

Residents can also express their views on the platform by putting forward suggestions on five themes: Health, schools, food, mobility and local economy. These contributions are accessible to all and can be voted and/or commented on, prioritised and put forward for wider discussion. They will be catalogued and analysed by the city’s elected representatives and administrative officers, to support decision-making in respect of lifting the lockdown.

Focused on the current health crisis and its consequences, a new Consultative Committee is composed of members from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those randomly selected from the 19 existing committees from schools and culture to disabilities and entrepreneurship.

Weekly meetings will be held by video conference throughout lockdown and potentially until the summer. As in the consultation, the discussions will centre on health, schools, food, mobility and the local economy. The first meeting of the Citizens’ Health Crisis Committee will be concerned with the reopening of schools.

Contact: Marie-Elisabeth Sapin

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