Guimarães – Deconfinement

Guimarães is beginning to implement its deconfinement strategy. In the parks, which reopened last week, in addition to walking and running, the practice of sports activities in a non-competitive context is allowed from 19 May, observing the minimum distance of 2 meters between citizens for activities to be carried out side-by-side, or 4 meters for queued activities and also preventing the sharing of materials and equipment.

As of Thursday, 21 May, the non-daily sale of the Terrado do Mercado Municipal will be reopened, with contingency measures and limited access (alternate sale, reallocation of seats and change of sale days).

In the area of sports, the Gémeos Castro Athletics Track will be reopened to federated athletes from the Guimarães athletics clubs, starting next 25 May, following the guidelines of the General Health Directorate.

Within the scope of cultural facilities, Casa da Memória, the José de Guimarães International Arts Center and the Vila Flor Palace Exhibition Hall reopen on 26 May. More information (in Portuguese) here.

Contact –  Crisalia Alves

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