Palermo – Boosting digital competence

The Innovation Service of the municipality of Palermo, in collaboration with other offices, created a ‘digital toolbox’ at the beginning of March 2020. This online space provides the tools, procedures and information necessary for the new style of working online, including:

  • national legislation for smart working,
  • the fast internal communications of the Google Group “Aquile Agili” (“smart eagle”, the eagle is the symbol of the municipality of Palermo),
  • the procedures for drafting the Deliberation acts compliant with the national law concerning digital agenda (CAD: digital administration code),
  • the management applications to work remotely at home,
  • tutorials for using digital signature, to manage video meetings, to draft and share documents with colleagues on Google Drive, and more.

All essential information for municipal staff who work remotely at home for the productivity of the Administration. This toolbox has been identified by the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitization as a good practice within the national initiative ‘Digital Republic‘.

More information (in Italian) here.

Contact: Ciro Spataro 

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