Vienna – Guidelines for safe reopening of the cultural sector

Vienna has drawn up a “Guide for the Cultural Industries” in cooperation with medical experts and cultural practitioners. The rules foreseen in the guidelines could already apply in June. However, in order for them to be implemented and for theatres or concert halls to be able to restart, a federal ordinance or amendment to the law is needed.

Councillor Kaup-Hasler with Marijana Stoisits of the Vienna Film Commission – Copyright: Katharina Schiffl

The guidelines provide for adapted requirements for museums, theatres and cinemas as well as events indoors or outdoors and were compiled by the Institute for Public Health of Medical University of Vienna. According to the scientists, the most important measure against the spread of the corona virus is, in addition to compulsory masks, keeping distance rules and thorough hand hygiene.

The new cultural guidelines of the City of Vienna envisage separating “hot spots” such as the entrance area or cash desk by e.g. plexiglas panes – if these “mechanical barriers” are not sufficient, the focus could be put on online advance sale of tickets. In the case of ventilation systems in halls, the air distribution should be improved – for example by measures such as cross-ventilation.

In theatres and cinemas, the guidelines suggests increasing the distances between rows of seats or to the stage; different entrances and exits, as well as regular cleaning and disinfection are recommended as well. In museums, measures similar to those in showrooms are seen as key for more safety: ventilation, disinfection and limitation of the number of visitors – although in spacious museum rooms it is easier to maintain the distance and ventilation than, for example, in a theatre room without windows.

When drafting the guidelines, obtaining rules for use in everyday life was important to the city. The municipality therefore checked the feasibility of the guidelines in a close dialogue with cultural practitioners. Where necessary, the guidelines will also be adapted again after evaluation. More information (in German) here. Read the full guidelines (in German) here.

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