Dusseldorf – Summer@home

Since many families and citizens have cancelled travel plans and will most probably spend the summer at home, a new initiative has been presented by the city of Dusseldorf: ‘Summer at home’. Sport, culture and family activities shall form a holiday programme, following the hygiene regulations, presented on a dedicated website. The city has initiated a round table with organisers and is now calling for event offers. You can read more here (in German)

Contact: Stefanie Nietfeld

4 thoughts on “Dusseldorf – Summer@home

  1. Since many families and people have cancelled holiday plans and will likely spend the summer at home, Dusseldorf has introduced ‘Summer at home’ Sport, cultural, and family events must fulfil sanitary rules and be posted on a website.

  2. This program is meaningful, everyone will be closer to their children, no need to go far, but the whole family will have happy memories right in their own home.

  3. During the previous year, I traveled to Nice, Cannes, and Monaco. Fantastic places! Regarding Nice, I have a distinct memory of this monument being swarmed by hundreds of people for no other reason than the facemask.

  4. I think the city of Dusseldorf offering this program is a wonderful and meaningful initiative for children. It will help everyone be more active, besides, family members will become more and more connected after this program.

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