Paris – Updated overview of deconfinement measures

Paris started to gradually ease confinement on 11 May. Doing so has involved a host of measures, from distributing face masks and increasing testing, to information campaigns, reopening of schools, introduction of new bike lanes, and support measures for businesses, cultural institutions, NGO’s and other organisations that are now opening up. These measures are evolving as the situation progresses – read a full updated overview of these measures in English here, or in French here.

Contact: Jean-Yves Camus

6 thoughts on “Paris – Updated overview of deconfinement measures

  1. On May 11th, Paris began to loosen its grip on the city. Several strategies have been used to this end, including the distribution of face masks and an increase in testing, as well as education campaigns, the reopening of schools, the creation of additional bike lanes, and the provision of assistance for companies and cultural organizations.

  2. Face masks, testing, education, school reopenings, bike lanes, and assistance to companies and cultural organizations have all been used to accomplish this.

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