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Brno is supporting the areas of business that have been most affected, such as gastronomy and tourism & culture, and has also approved complex measures for businesspeople. It provides easier administration of permits for the outdoor areas of restaurants, and it also suggests that the establishment of these areas should be done at no extra cost to the proprietor.

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Conditions for alcohol consumption in public spaces have been relaxed, too – people can enjoy drinks from local sellers in parks and at several squares in the city centre. Accommodation fees in hotels are to be waived in order to attract local tourists. Additionally, Brno will financially support the Brnopas tourist card. In terms of culture, the conditions of subsidies have been modified so that there are more possibilities for their use.

The general support for businesses includes the approved intention to waive or reduce the rent for non-residential premises owned by the city, support for a year-round virtual commercial platform, ‘Kontakt-Kontrakt’, and certification vouchers designed for companies entering foreign markets.

A new, freely accessible area for sports and recreation is being prepared for the summer. Two music festivals will take place with financial support from the city, with stages all across Brno to prevent large concentrations of audiences. More information here.

Contact: Pavlina Sukupova

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