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Better food and more sports – these are the ingredients of a programme from the Antalya Muratpaşa Municipality in Turkey, to support its citizens for a healthy living during and after the corona pandemic. Although the number of Covid 19 cases has decreased in the summer months in Antalya as in the world, it has been observed that the situation is far from completely normalising. In order to contribute to the citizens to combat the Covid19 Pandemic more effectively in the long term, the administration has sought new comprehensive methods.

The “Healthy Muratpaşa Movement”, which was developed as a result of the search for a new approach, was introduced in a meeting by Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, who frequently met with experts in order to predict the course of the pandemic and to determine the conditions of the new normal situation after the pandemic.

In the information meeting of the Healthy Muratpaşa Movement, which aims to strengthen the immune system with proper nutrition and sports after Covid-19 and to fight with diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and obesity, was held  with the participation of the Mukhtars in Muratpaşa , deputy mayors, relevant directorates, dietitians of Muratpaşa Municipality and sports trainers, it was explained what will be done within the scope of the project.

Mayor Uysal, who asked the Mukhtars to support the organization of meetings within the scope of the Healthy Muratpaşa Movement and to find volunteers for this movement, addressed to the headmen: “We ask you to encourage our neighbours and held neccessary meetings. The service we will do is not to build, not road construction, but something a hundred times more important. When we succeed, its contribution to future generations and humanity cannot be measured by building or road construction. Maybe we will save many lives.”

At the center of the Healthy Muratpaşa Movement project is to create a proper nutrition awareness. Women are the target of the project. It is aimed to achieve a result that will change the lives of future generations with the proper nutrition habits that mothers will teach their children.

In summary, in the scope of the Healthy Muratpaşa Movement the dietitians of the municipality  will explain the proper nutrition methods to the residents at the meetings to be held in the neighbourhoods organised by the Mukhtars. They will create personalized nutrition programmes as well as provide basic information. This work of dieticians will also be supported by regular sports activities provided by our institution.

In the pre-pandemic period, almost seven thousand people used to attend the morning sports activities performed by Muratpaşa Municipality in gyms, parks and beaches. Within the scope of this project, it is planned to restart the morning sports activity as of September, by taking all the precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks and hygiene required by pandemic conditions.

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Contact: Ibrahim Utku

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  2. The program focuses on two key elements: better food and increased sports activities. By promoting subway surfers healthy eating habits and providing access to nutritious food options, the municipality aims to improve the overall well-being of its citizens. Additionally, by encouraging and facilitating participation in sports activities, they aim to promote physical fitness and strengthen the immune system.

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