Bratislava – Homeless support

Bratislava has prepared a quarantine town with the support of professional, medical and social staff that will serve its population of 4,000 homeless people for the duration of the COVID19 crisis. The quarantine town has an initial capacity of 50 people; the planned maximum capacity will be 230 people. Homeless people in Bratislava will receive necessary … Continue reading Bratislava – Homeless support

Bratislava – Phoneline to help your neighbour

Bratislava has created a support network targeting the needs of the elderly living alone. This works through a phone line via which the elderly can address operators with inquiries or help requests. Many seniors were personally informed about the beginning of its operation via SMS. Local volunteers are also raising awareness of the service by … Continue reading Bratislava – Phoneline to help your neighbour

Bratislava – Cartoon communication on corona

The city of Bratislava has created a set of simple drawings that highlight key measures to fight the corona outbreak for citizens. The mayor commissioned a famous local cartoonist to draw a poster to inform citizens that has been distributed online and through posters across the city. Bratislava offers to share the material with any … Continue reading Bratislava – Cartoon communication on corona