Recovery – Mayors call for a new pact between the EU and cities

Cities want to play an active role in Europe’s recovery after the corona pandemic. Mayors of major European cities have offered a ‘new pact between the EU and city leadership’ to overcome the impacts of the crisis. In meetings with the European Commission’s Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans and Commissioners Paolo Gentiloni and Johannes Hahn … Continue reading Recovery – Mayors call for a new pact between the EU and cities

Tallinn – Exit plan

The city government approved on May 6 the emergency situation exit plan of the city, according to which the easing of the restrictions will start on May 11, first with regard to outdoor activities. On 18 May, restrictions on contact activities outdoors will be lifted and from 1 June, the city will resume services for … Continue reading Tallinn – Exit plan

Tallinn – Trilingual drones to inform people about proper behaviour

Drones, equipped with speakers, will be used in Tallinn’s parks, beaches and sports grounds daily to inform people about the measures to respect to tackle the spread of the virus. Drones, which will repeat the message in Estonian, Russian and English, will not be used for surveillance, but just to share information on behaviour. You … Continue reading Tallinn – Trilingual drones to inform people about proper behaviour

Tallinn – Waiving fees of municipal hobby schools and kindergartens

Due to the worsening economic situation for many families, Tallinn has decided to exempt all students of the municipal hobby schools from paying the fees from April until the end of the crisis, regardless whether the student engages in distance learning or not. The same measure applies for municipal kindergartens. You can read more here.

Tallinn – Support to businesses

Tallinn has implemented a number of measures to support local entrepreneurs and businesses. The aid measures are primarily targeted at businesses that have a contractual relationship with the city or have a big impact on the city’s activities. The city will pay its bills faster, reducing its own payment deadline from 21-30 calendar days to … Continue reading Tallinn – Support to businesses

Tallinn – Hackathon for services

Tallinn is working together with local start-ups and communities to offer basic services for people in isolation. On Friday, March 13, 2020, Estonian startup foundation Garage48 launched an online hackathon to figure out ways to help communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the solutions is the web-based platform COVID-Help that connects volunteers from local … Continue reading Tallinn – Hackathon for services

Tallinn – A personal call from a librarian

The librarians of the Tallinn Central Library are reading books via Skype or phone for children who have to stay at home because of the COVID-19 crisis. A child only needs to choose a book from the library list and call the librarian, who will then read the book for him/her. One session lasts maximum … Continue reading Tallinn – A personal call from a librarian

Tallinn – School lunch continues

Students of Tallinn’s schools will be able to continue to get a daily free school lunch under a special arrangement approved by the city’s authorities. Normally, school lunch is free in Tallinn for the students, but due to the emergency situation all schools are closed in Estonia. As for some children  the school lunch is … Continue reading Tallinn – School lunch continues

Tallinn – Digital help for companies and schools

’10 ways to run your business operations remotely’ – the city of Tallinn gives advice for companies under the restrictions of the corona crisis. Estonia has already digitalised many public services. It is also leading in digital education and offers its tools for free to support other countries. Read more here