Cities can use this space to ask questions and exchange experiences on their approach to COVID-19 measures

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Social servicesQuestions and answers about: homelessness, support for elderly and others with special needs, children care and youth, psychological help, domestic violence35 Topics · 118 PostsLast post: Is the software in Vegas Pro bundl … · 2 days ago · Guest
Economy and jobsQuestions and answers about: support for local companies, small and medium enterprises, investment fund, start-ups, unemployment64 Topics · 7,339 PostsLast post: Urabn economic development after C … · 47 mins ago · Guest
CultureQuestions and answers about: online events, support for artists and other creative workers, procurement, public service contracts, cooperation, collaboration with other cities43 Topics · 1,019 PostsLast post: how to organise cultural events wi … · 8 hours ago · Guest