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What is the beginning salary for a web designer?


Web designing is a profession that has become extremely famous in the last few years. Luckily the profession itself is popular amongst the youth for various different reasons, except for the demand in many IT firms and a secure job future. According to the survey carried out by Website Valley, the main reason that people tend to look for a future in website design services is due to the salary it offers. On average, as a starting salary, a website designer can expect roughly $5000 per month. Not only is the salary itself extremely attractive but there is an increment of roughly 5% per year. This makes the profession very popular amongst the youth.


As a struggling web designer and software developer such as myself, I can confirm that this is indeed quite true! I've been a web developer and UI/UX designing specialist for the past four years. I currently happen to work for a company that has a small business producing high-quality sex education jackets inspired directly by the famous show. Although it may seem that the profession of web designing pays well, the competition is very high, and surviving in the industry is not easy. One needs to be aware of the latest and upcoming technology and should acquire considerable knowledge and skill in the ones that are demanded by recruiters and employers.


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