Bratislava – Overview of measures for culture

Bratislava quickly reacted to confinement with online broadcasts of theatre plays, concerts from windows and balconies, as well as cultural activities in hospitals. Read the full overview or Bratislava’s measures for culture here and more on the original article by Vlado Grežo and Pavol Demeš here (in Slovak)

Contact: Petra Dzurovcinova

Viladecans – Psychological care community

The municipality has establish an online community based on videocalls to allow those who feel lonely to share their feelings and receive support from others. This is just one among a number of initiatives to tackle the spread of the pandemic have been implemented since the lockdown began seven weeks ago. Read them all here

Contact: Alba Martínez García

Paris – Free bike trips

Since the beginning of the lockdown the city bike sharing system, is now free of charge or reimbursed when used for under an hour trip. On other matters, Parisians are offered tailored services to maintain their access to culture, such as online museum visits and access to municipal libraries. These are just a few measures among the new updated overview of measures that you can download here

Contact: Jean-Yves Camus

Zurich – Online appointments and diagnosis

The municipal hospitals of the city of Zurich have patients refraining from going to the hospital and get treatment because they are afraid of getting infected. In order to make some treatments and also appointments possible, the city hospitals set up online diagnostic tools, where patients can contact their doctor if a physical meeting is not needed. You can read other measures in this summary

Contact: Antoine Schnegg

Istanbul – Feeding stray cats and dogs

The district municipality in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, is feeding stray animals during the corona lockdown. While shops are closed, the local veterinary service units leave animal food at central places. In Istanbul, there are thought to be 130,000 dogs and 125,000 cats roaming free. Other measures of the municipality aim to prevent the spread of the virus in public places like bazaars and to support people in need.

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Thessaloniki – Overview of measures

During the COVID-19 lockdown in Greece, “Home Assistants” help vulnerable groups in Thessaloniki with their daily needs like shopping food or medicines. The municipality provides daily meals for people in need, supported by local restaurants. And the city’s tv channel broadcasts lessons for students as well as messages from children to their grandparents.

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Zagreb – Overview of measures

The City of Zagrzeb has taken a host of actions in response to COVID-19. These include opening a free information based telephone service; exempting fees for nursery school participation; promoting e-service in the public libraries; and opening several new ‘public kitchens’ to offer hot meals to those currently struggling. Read more here


Sofia – Overview of measures

The actions of the city of Sofia include two 24/7 online main communication channels dedicated solely to the COVID-19 outbreak, providing news, information, and advice; new e-services such as construction permits and planning permission; temporary relief measures for retails and corporate customers; a call for volunteers to help the most vulnerable; and the creation of a temporary economic council to work on specifics of how to support businesses. Read more here

Contact: Sevdalina Voynova

Pesaro – Overview of measures

The City of Pesaro has create 2 facebook groups, among other initatives, that provide activities for people to do while quarantined at home. The original content includes activities concerning sports, cuisine, educational activities, music and culture.

The services also include a telephone support service to request information on health issues, and sharing a list of shops and restaurants that can bring groceries, meals and other necessities direct to people’s homes. read more here

Contact: Filippo Galeazzi

Bilbao – Overview of measures

Bilbao has created a summary fo measures taken by the city administration during the coronavirus crisis. This includes converting municipal and sport halls to increase the number of beds offered for social accommodation; city firefighters joining the disinfection efforts; an online sports app; special measures for the city’s market; and a free comprehensive advisory and consultancy service that has been launched by the city council. Read more here

Contact: Alazne Zugazaga

Athens – Overview of measures

Athens has compiled a summary of measures the city has taken in the corona crisis, including putting a number of police services online, distribution of essential goods, cleaning of the public space, distribution of multi-lingual information, open psychological hotlines, and economic relief for affected businesses. You can download the document with further examples and more information here.

Contact: Dimitris Konstantopoulos

Istanbul – Overview of measures

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has compiled a summary of measures and actions taken in the coronavirus crisis. They include disinfecting busses, stations and other public areas, food supply for the 16 million inhabitants, additional health services, housing for the homeless and the communication with the public via different channels. You can download the document here.

Contact: Ayensur Suberk

Warsaw – Overview of measures

Warsaw has compiled a summary of measures the city has taken in the corona crisis, including a support package for entrepreneurs, a campaign to encourage neighbour aid for seniors, a cultural progamme that can be enjoyed from home and a coronavirus hotline for foreigners. You can download the document with further examples and more information here.

Contact: Natalia Boitot

Braga – Overview of measures

The city of Braga, Portugal, has compiled a summary of measures of the city in response to COVID-19: measures to citizens, social measures, help for the hospitals and the business community as well as international cooperation. You can download the document here. Mayor Ricardo Rio describes the measures in a comprehensive video – watch the film here.

The mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio, on the measures of the city in the coronavirus crisis

Contact: Nuno Gouveia