Kartal/Istanbul – Recycled entertainment

During the Covid epidemic Kartal Municipality is helping citizens to recycle and reuse old materials to create handmade decorative or household materials. Within the scope of the Environmental Protection and Control Directorate – that recycling textile waste since 2016 – textile piggy banks are placed at various points in Kartal District, and citizens are encouraged to put their old clothes and fabrics in. Now the municipality is producing Youtube videos to teach their citizens to use those materials and find an indoor entertainment.

Contact: Hüseyin Güler

Beşiktaş – Waste collection of masks and gloves

Dedicated bins for masks and gloves were placed at certain key points such as public institutions, markets and family health centres. The medical waste thrown into the waste bins will be duly disposed after they are properly collected.

The current protective equipment recommendations is also bringing along the problem of medical waste. Uncontrolled disposal of waste masks and gloves may increase the risk of citizens’ being infected. For this reason, Beşiktaş municipality started implementing a different practice for a proper waste management. Read more here (in Turkish)

Contact: foreignaffairs@besiktas.bel.tr

Porto – Special measures for waste collection

To stop the spread of contagion, the city’s employees are no longer permitted to enter people’s home when picking up specialist waste, such as out of use items, and employees can only pick up bagged items.

In addition, the city has invested in disinfecting street containers where waste is collected.

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Contact: Daniel Freitas