Barcelona – Rent moratorium

Barcelona has announced a moratorium on rents for properties managed by Barcelona Municipal Housing and Rehabilitation Institute (IMHAB), both housing and commercial premises. For three months, a total of 12,000 tenants will not have to pay for their accommodation or commercial premises. When rent collection resumes, tenants will make up for these months by paying slightly more rent each month until December.

In order to tackle this package of measures, the City Council has enabled an extraordinary item of €3.5 million in the municipal budget, which can be extended up to €5.5 million. Read more (in Catalan) here.

Contact: Marta Puchal

8 thoughts on “Barcelona – Rent moratorium

  1. How can I determine whether or not I fulfill the criteria necessary to have access to the measures that will prevent me from being evicted, put a moratorium on future evictions, reduce my rent, or postpone the payment of my rent?

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