Bratislava – Artists call for corona discipline

Actors and artists in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia, have produced a video to motivate people to stay at home and help slowing down the spread of the corona virus. The main message of the film, which had been initiated by the city’s mayor: “Our most effective medicine is discipline.”

Here an English summary of the video message:

“The situation is serious, we would all like to be together but we cannot, because that is the only way to slow down the spread of the virus. Whether you work from home or just came home from work, you really have to stay at home, and it does not mean that you will “just run some errands” or just visit some friends. Don’t be tricked by the free parking spots everywhere. This is not a vacation, this is a state of emergency.

Our most effective medicine is discipline.

Following some instructions/advice:

When you are feeling sick, call the number on the screen

When you really do have to go outside, do it only with face mask or other face cover and only for the necessary time.

Wash your hands with soap, don’t touch your face, disinfect your phone

Stay alone but don’t think only about yourself – seniors need us more than ever before

Call them and ask them how they feel, what they need, help them if they need it – but with precaution.

Lets behave in a way that the only thing spreading through this city will be respect

Lets help slow down the spread of the virus.

Many of you still work to keep this city running. Million thanks for that.

Bratislava sticks together, even if “together” sometimes means far from each other.


Contact: Petra Dzurovcinova

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