Munich – Homeless services

Munich is providing accommodation for homeless people who, because of their age or the existence of a previous condition, are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Its social services department has also set up quarantine accommodation that houses households that have been quarantined. A separate quarantine object for vulnerable target groups (women at risk of domestic violence, old people, people with pre-existing conditions, etc.) is also planned. Two homes for homeless women have agreed to accept women from the women’s shelters as needed to help shelter women in the face of the expected increase in domestic violence due to exit restrictions.

The cold protection and overnight protection program of the city of Munich in the Bavarian barracks has been open all day, including food catering, since Saturday, March 21. The homeless men and women who stay there no longer have to leave the facility during the day. Furthermore, the most important points of contact for homeless and homeless people (Schiller 25, Otto and Rosi, D3, tea room “komm”) are still open in emergency mode under the necessary health precautions, as is emergency care in the Office for Housing and Migration. However, personal advice only takes place in very urgent matters (for example, when instructed to stay in an accommodation). In all other matters, the social department asks for contact by phone or in writing. The social department’s service phone can be reached on 089-233-96833.

The sponsors of the station mission and their umbrella organizations, Diakonie and Caritas, have also expanded the offerings for people in need in the city center with the social department of the City of Munich. Two food trucks provide food for the needy. The diakonia distributes clothing and hygiene articles in the rooms of the former Postbank building. These measures are primarily intended to relieve the station mission.

For homeless households, there is a wide range of medical care available in Munich with the doctor’s offices on Pilgersheimer Strasse, the street outpatient clinic and the doctor’s office in St. Bonifaz. In the area of ​​overnight protection, open med employees are regularly on site to ensure the care of people without health insurance. Read more (in German) here.


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