Vienna – Public pools to open again

Vienna has prepared to open its 38 public indoor and outdoor pools by the end of May after the corona lockdown. Pools will be open for a limited number of customers and with a management system that only allows a certain number of people to swim at the same time. Saunas remain closed. “There is no reason to write off the summer season”, says mayor Michael Ludwig,

The Viennese public pools, indoor and outdoor, are an important part of the infrastructure of the city, and “the Viennese love them”, said Mayor Michael Ludwig, “there is no reason to write off the summer season – after all, you can’t get infected by the water and exercise in the fresh air and plenty of sunshine is beneficial for the immune system.”

It will be the guests’ responsibility to keep the distance; children under ten years of age will only be able to visit the Vienna public pools this year if accompanied by an adult. In addition, staff will ensure safety and respect of distance rules. Sports that are permitted by the federal government – such as volleyball, tennis or miniature golf – will also be possible. However, there will be an ongoing evaluation as how the opening up works and the situation will also be adapted again and again if necessary, to follow requirements of the national government.

Easy 1-2-3 day ticket fees

Entrance fees will be redesigned for this summer with a focus on simple models. Due to the restrictions imposed by law, full use of the pools operated by the city and the infrastructure will not be possible; therefore, a 1-2-3 day ticket fee applies to all guests. Children pay an entrance fee of 1€, young people and seasonal guests €2, and adults €3. The aim of the 1-2-3 fee is to enable fast entry at the cash desks. Close attention is also paid to the spacing rule at the ticketing offices.

The head of department of the City of Vienna Public Pools, Hubert Teubenbacher, pointed out: “The pools are not only an attractive place to cool off and enjoy leisure activities, but also play an important role for schools in the area of swimming lessons. To ensure that all children in Vienna can learn to swim and stay safely in the water, we would like to offer schools sufficient time for swimming lessons in the future and supplement the school offer with more swimming courses of our own.”

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